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Judgment no further cost to you

Judgment Recovery


How Do We Do It?


We will start by listening to the details of your particular case and giving you an honest evaluation of the chances of recovery. Not all judgments are recoverable. For example, if the person is on Ontario Works (previously Welfare), or their only income is a pension or they are insolvent (having no assets), or if their debt has been included in a bankruptcy, they can be considered judgment proof. (For now).

Once we have a clear understanding of the details of your case and can evaluate the chance of recovery and any difficulties that may be encountered, we will discuss a fair percentage of the recovered money to be paid for our efforts. This agreement will be signed and an Assignment of Debt will be filed with the court, giving us the right to pursue the debtor.


Please CLICK HERE for an explanation of the Assignment of Debt document

With the Assignment of Debt document filed with the court, Colborne Associates will have the legal right to proceed with the collection of your debt. We will aggressively pursue the debtor through every legal and ethical means available by law. And we are only paid if we are successful. If for any reason we are not able to make the collection, there is still no cost or risk to you at all. All expenses and legal costs that we may have incurred in the enforcement of your judgment are paid by us. There is never a charge of any kind!

We will keep you informed as to the progress of the collection and will pay out the proceeds as they are collected.

Why Not Just Use Your Usual Lawyer/Paralegal?


Your Paralegal just won the case for you in court. It stands to reason that they
would follow through and collect the winnings for you. That's what most people would think. But asking them to collect your judgment is considered to be an added service, requiring starting a separate agreement and paying another retainer.

To be fair, paralegals are generally very good at taking your case to court and winning your judgment. But that doesn't get you your money.
They are usually not as successful when it comes to actually collecting money from the debtor.
And they charge extra for that.

Let's compare the costs:


Paralegal :

Generally about $75 - $100 per hour + mileage + expenses+ HST.
(Call around for local fees). Some may quote a flat fee.

The cost of disbursements, expenses incurred on behalf of the client
(i.e. postage, long-distance telephone calls, courier service, acquiring copies of court documents, court filings, hiring private investigators, making photo
copies, process serving, court filing, etc.) will be in addition to fees and rates.
You will be required to enter into a Retainer Agreement and pay a
Retainer Fee. You will be invoiced for all services as it proceeds and those amounts will be deducted from your Retainer Fee. If required,
you will be asked for further Retainer Fees as determined by how much work is remaining.
Oh yes, and they are not particularly concerned if they have a
successful collection or not. Their pay is the retainer.

Our costs:

There is no cost to you.
There are no fees, no hidden charges, only an agreement that a percentage of the judgment collected be paid as consignment or value for sale of judgment.
We cover ALL costs involved in making the collection, even the mandatory court fees and disbursements, including:

Process serving
Court fees
Debtor examinations
Asset locating
Our Private Investigator is on staff.

We pay to you a previously agreed upon percentage of the money we collect. If we are unable to collect from them, you owe us nothing.

    And for THOSE reasons we are VERY interested in making the collection.

What do you have to lose?
Explore the website (don't forget the FAQ's page). You can call or
email for additional info.

We'd love to hear from you. We are easily reached at Contact Us.

Colborne Associates is not a legal firm, attorneys or collection agency. We do not engage in providing legal advise. If you are in need of legal advise, please contact an attorney for information.