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Judgment no further cost to you

Welcome to Colborne Associates


We are Judgment Recovery Specialists. We will collect your Small Claims JudgmentWITH NO FURTHER COST TO YOU!


Experience has shown that most judgment holders do not have the time, expertise, resources, or money needed to collect a judgment on their own.

The good news is ..... this isn't the end of the road.

Colborne Associates is your partner for retrieving YOUR money.

Whether it's from the Small Claims Court, a Landlord & Tenant Board order or Ministry of Labour/Ontario Labour Relations Board action, our professional staff will use every means to recover your money at NO FURTHER COST TO YOU!

Our central location in beautiful London Ontario positions us to access all Southwestern Ontario courthouses, which is our general area of business at this time. If you are elsewhere in the Province, give us a call. We can initiate proceedings out of any courthouse in Ontario.

What We Do

Please don't confuse us as a collection agency. Collection agencies write dunning letters and make threatening phone calls to your debtor to try to shame them into paying. We are much more pro-active.

We are known as a Judgment Recovery service. This is a relatively new concept in Canada. We work strictly on a contingency basis, which is another way of saying we only get paid when we collect. We will use every legal and ethical method allowed by law to actively pursue the debt until it is paid.

As you will see, this is a much more progressive way of managing your receivables than the traditional 'pay me first and we'll see how it goes' method of collection used by paralegals and lawyers.

Look over the website (don't forget the FAQ's page). You can call or email for additional info.

We'd love to hear from you. We are easily reached atContact Us.

Colborne Associates is not a legal firm, attorneys or collection agency. We do not engage in providing legal advise. If you are in need of legal advise, please contact an attorney for information.